Sunday, June 10, 2007

Addai recipe from Amma


1 cups idly rice
1 cup split pea dal
1/4 cup tuar dal
2 table spoon ural dal
1/2 tea spoon red cilli powder
1/2 tea spoon fennel seeds
pinch of perungayam

Saok rice and all dalls together for 3-4 hours. Add other ingredients and grind them little corsely. You can use right a way .

Make a dosa and let it cook both sides to brown color.

Eat with coconut chuttny with sugar. Eat when it is hot


nalini said...

hai geetha
aadai recipe is very taste.

Vgee said...

Thanks nalini..
hope you cooking very well for your husband..

Soon i will post Avial recipe.It will go very well with addai and also it is very easy to make.

sonu said...

Hi I have a slightly different version:

1 cup par boiled rice
1 cup dal:
60% tur dal
35% chena dal
15% urud dal

soak all night before, and grind with 4 dried chillies.

rest is the same.